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Skype / Zoom is very suitable.

Entry possible at any time.

04 / Yoga philosophy - individually or in pairs

Dates on request.

2-person group:

Chf 100 .-- / person and lesson

10 subscription: Chf 950 .-- / person

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours per lesson


Individual lessons:

Chf 120 .- / lesson

10 subscription: Chf 1'100 .--

Duration: max 1.25 hours / lesson

General conditions: here

Location: clearview Martine Burgy, Ringwaldstrasse 12a, CH - 4410 Liestal

Possible online or on site.

Registration and / or questions please here.

This course is aimed at yoga practitioners - entry possible at any time if you already have basic knowledge. 

Yoga Sutras: Clarity in Silence - Yoga by Sri Patañjali

Just as perfecting postures (asanas) needs to be practiced regularly, regular reflection on the highest self and the study of the scriptures are essential - if you want to develop a supple mind. 

Listening to it once, learning it by heart, etc. is generally no more effective than a single Asana lesson that will not allow the body to immediately form the perfect posture. The statements in the scriptures must therefore be heard, reflected and processed again and again. Then it begins to sink deeper and gradually clear the mind. 

In this course we will deal with the Yoga Sutras of Sri Patañjali, and thus the basis of yoga per se. What does yoga mean? - Why should one be interested in “reaching” the state of yoga? What does Sri Patañjali say about the mind, the basis from which creation arises? Is there anything beyond the mind? 

One of the goals of this course is to deepen the content of the Yoga Sutras and build a bridge into everyday life; the latter goes both ways. 

The aim is to deepen the spiritual basis of yoga according to the Yoga Sutras according to Sri Patañjali and other writings (e.g. Dhammapada, Bhagavat Gita, etc.) and thus develop a deeper awareness.  

Iinterested? -There is more information here.

Location: Online (Zoom)


When:        Mondays 1 - 2 p.m. and

 Tuesdays 7 p.m. - 8 p.m


Start:          February 5, 2024

Who:           Martine Burgy


subscription (10 units):   CHF 250.--


Trial subscription (3 units): CHF 65--.


Additional Information:here


Registration and/or questions: here


Please note the general conditions: here

NOTE: this class is held in german. However, if you are interested, please feel free to contact me for further options (such as a class in english...). 

Suitable for beginners

Online: 6 x meditation - Tuesdays: 1:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m

Meditation has been on everyone's lips for some time now. Have you already thought about starting yourself? Maybe you still are looking for an impulse? - If so, now is the opportunity to start.


Interested? -There is more information here.  

Overall, by March 5th you will have tried out a few forms of meditation and received some input on what to pay attention to.

The format is simple, the time required is manageable: some explanation of a technique and/or general information as well as a few minutes of joint meditation.

The class will be held in german. 

If you are interested in a class held in English, please feel free to contact me.   

Start: January 30, 2024

End: March 5, 2024

Location: Online (Zoom)


Who: Martine Burgy

Costs: CHF 120.--.


Please take note of the general terms and conditions,


Note: It will be recorded.

Registration and/or questions please here.

Entry is generally possible at any time. Own meditation practice is required.

Meditation - exchange of experiences - once a month 

No matter how long you have been meditating. There are always questions. In a smaller circle you have the opportunity to exchange ideas and get one or more questions clarified. Essentially we meet ONLINE once a month for about half an hour over lunch. We begin with a short meditation in silence. Afterwards there is the opportunity for questions and exchange. 

Interested? -There is more information here.

Location: Online (Zoom)

Next dates: 1/24/24, 2/21/24, 3/20/24

Time: 12.30 p.m. - approx. 1 p.m

Costs: CHF 25.-- per unit

Who: Martine Burgy

Note: This exchange of experiences willnot recorded

Please note the general conditions.  

Registration and/or questions please here.

For organizational reasons, you are requested to register in advance. You will then receive the zoom link. 

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