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Meditation as well as the philosophy of Yoga-Philosophie (incl. Reflexion and Self-enquiry) are relevant for everyday life. Regular practice is not only important but urgent as it leads to higher resilience, clarity and joy. - Do not postpone this work!

Special Offers

You are not ready to let yourself in for the big deal? - In this case check out the offer for a free introductory hour  and other specials.  If you do not find what you are looking for, write me an e-mail.  


You would like to offer something exclusive and sustainable for your employees? Or maybe you are looking for a Workshop for your Team-leaders? 


Are you searching for the right Workshop as a means to familiarize yourself with meditation or the pragmatic philosophy of Yoga? Do have a specific topic in mind with respect to meditaion and Yoga-philosophy that you would like to learn more about in a WS? 


Would you like to delve in deeper and on a regular basis into the topic of meditation and Yoga-philosophy?- Then for sure the  regular attendance of a class (in groups or individual) is the right course of action.  



There are many meditation techniques. For instance on the heart - like Hanuman.


Observe how the thoughts flow by - like a river.

Today, meditation is often perceived as yet another "must do". It is precisely this "must do" that inhibits many people from including the practice of meditation into their daily lives. However, the moment it is recognized that the practice of meditation actually will free up your busy time schedule, this seeming "must"-hurdle is overcome.

Philosophy of Yoga

Combining "Yoga" with "Philosophy" may raise an eyebrow here and there. Yoga is often perceived as being something physical whilst philosophy is something that involves the mind.

Everything that has to do with Yoga in actual fact aims at bringing the mind into perfect stillness. As such the ability to reflect - and thus philosophy of Yoga - plays a major role. 


Yoga-Philosophy is free from political and/or religious and/or dogmatic attitude of any kind whatsoever. 

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