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Martine's story

Teaching Consultants, Managers and active people in general the art of reflecting and meditation is the most rewarding job I could possibly think of.

Whilst studying and reflecting the philosophy of Yoga clarifies the mind, meditation leads it to stillness. -

What more could possibly be of use in today's day and age?!

As an Economist I have worked for many years both in the Banking as well as the consultancy business until I became an independent consultant12 years ago forming the company  clearview Martine Burgy. At the same time Yoga and with it especially its philosophy and Meditation came into my life. This meant a completely new direction for me as it began to crowd out the classic business consultancy part of the company.

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The idea to combine yoga-philosophy and meditation with business/management/other may sound a little farfetched. Especially, since an immediate link may seem farfetched. However, within a short period of time it will seem the most natural combination to the reader. As such Yoga-philosophy explains with compelling logic how the human system (body, mind, soul) is able to function in harmony. As in economics, it looks for a stable equilibrium, i.e. harmony. Whilst economics focusses on external equilibrium though, Yoga focusses more on internal equilibrium. Hence, it makes perfect sense to combine the two. Read more



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