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Part 2 - New!

Yoga - An ancient science re-explained.

Part 2: Realizing Reality

In verdaulichen Häppchen wird Yoga-Philosophie für alle erklärt. Hier ist der erste Teil, beginnend mit Definition, ein paar wesentliche Begriffe, und einem Überblick über Ashtanga Yoga, dem 8-gliedrigen Pfad nach Sri Patañjali (Autor der Yoga Sutras). 

Available only in German. 

You can get it here .

Part 1

Yoga - An ancient science re-explained.

Part 1: Introduction

Yoga philosophy is explained to everyone in digestible bites. Here is the first part, starting with definition, a few essential terms, and an overview of Ashtanga Yoga, the eight-part path according to Sri Patañjali (author of the Yoga Sutras).

You can get it here .

Beam me up Shakti

A journey into the self

Der Bericht spiegelt einen Kundalini-Prozess, der "klassisch" einfach verlaufen ist. Mit Witz und Intelligenz erzählt Martine Burgy von ihren Erfahrungen und Relexionen, die sie während vier Retreats von jeweils 6 bis 8 Wochen bei Swami Chandrasekharanand Saraswati (Swmiji) in Indien verbrachte. 

For English version see below. 

By the Grace of Shakti

A Journey into the Inner Self

This narrative reflects a "classic" and easy Kundalini process. With a sense of humor and intelligence Martine Burgy recounts her experiences and many reflections during the four retreats that she spent with Swami Chandrasekharanand Sarasvati (Swamiji) in India. Each retreat lasted 6 to 8 weeks.

It may be obtained here .

This is a very impressive text and speaks to a lot in myself .... as you rightly say, something different in each and every one, each individual - it has to be like that! Great your concept, the strict structure - and the connection of your intellectuality and cleverness with wit, humor and self-irony and the deep longing for "there must be more to life", obviously since childhood - that is very, very fascinating and also convincing . I learned a lot and understood a lot. "


Ursa Krattiger, author of “The Mother of Pearl Monk. Journey into a feminine spirituality. "

"Last night I started to read about your 4th retreat, in which the description of Petra as a person plays an important role. I never would have thought that I would be so fascinated by your book. It is indeed right many experiences, experiences, insights and sensations that have shaped your life in India, with which I can identify - albeit on a different level and in a completely different context. " Nelly M.

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