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In 2007 I became independent and registered the company clearview Martine Burgy.

I am fluent in English and German - both written and oral and the Author of "Beam me up Shakti - Eine Reise ins Selbst", which is going to be published shortly in English under the titel "By the Grace of Shakti - A Journey into the inner Self".

Professional fields of expertise: 

  • Banking (ex-Swiss Bank Corporation in Basel, Switzerland, and New York, USA in the area of Emerging Markets)

  • Corporate consultancy, working for the big consultancy firms in the area of Emerging Markets, Forensic, Risk-Management and Pursuits and Proposals (Sales&Marketing). Especially in Sales&Marketing a great experience was added in supporting and coaching Partners, Senior Directors and Manages in the proposal process..

  • A broad experience in and with various Non-Profit-Organisations, as for instance  working for an organisation promoting SME's in Santiago de Chile for one year. 


Due to having worked and lived abroad (USA, Chile) as well as having travelled extensively in the world (both for professional and other reasons), I have had ample opportunities to get to know other ways of thinking as well as also to put the own way of thinking into perspective.



  • Yoga - Meditation and Philosophy.


It is probably right to say that Yoga found me rather than the other way around. This happened during the autumn of 2007. The extent of my knowledge regarding Yoga was that it was supposed to be good for back and shoulders. Hence, I knew nothing about Yoga. And I soon came to realize that many people that practiced Yoga also didn’t really know much about Yoga and its philosophy. So I started to read a lot on Yoga, delve into some of the scriptures, go to class regularly and quickly got totally immersed in the topic. - I had found "my thing".

Finally, a few years ago I was led to a monk in India (Swamiji), who helped and guided me to experience what is written and has been tested by many sages and adepts around the world for thousands of years. By grace further support and guidance was given with Petra Sonnleitner-Angerer.  


My educational background lies in international economics and political economy and law (MA and MLaw, Basel University, Switzerland).

  • MA (University of Basel, 1989)

  • MLaw. (Universität Basel, 2003)

  • Nadel (ETH ZH, 1996) - a postgraduate course on the topics of developing countries


Further Education:

  • Further reflexion and spiritual Coaching with Petra Sonnleitner-Angerer

  • Four retreats of 6 and 8 weeks each, respectively with Swami Chandrasekharanand Sarasvati, Rishikesh, India

  • International Banking Seminar with SBC in New York, USA (6 month intensive)

  • Banking Traineeship in international commerce with ex-SBC (12 months)

  • Various legal traineeships (District Court (Private Law), Arlesheim BL, Switzerland District Court (Criminal Investigative Law), Liestal, BL, Switzerland Criminal Court, Basel, BS, Switzerland Bureau for Unemployment Insurance, Basel, BS, Switzerland

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