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Native speaker technical translations


  • Law, Politics, Society 

HR, agreements, presentations, speeches etc.

  • Banking and Finance, Economics, Marketing

Annual reports​, proposals and requests for proposals (rfp), presentations, websites

  • Yoga, Spirituality

Yoga-Websites, Presentations, books




Misunderstandings and mistakes can be very costly. Therefore, an independent review of  the content of your (business) texts of any kind is advisable.  

Facts and figures:

How about an independent plausibility check of your facts and figures?  

Change Process

Life means change:

 The human being is often grudgingly thrown into a process of change.

Are you currently experiencing  a new stage in life or is one imminent for you or your employees?

Meditation / reflection


Would you like to treat yourself and/or your employees to something special and sustainable? Or would you like to simply treat yourself and/or your  employees to a timeout from everyday life? -  A one-day workshop as an example immediately feels like a breath of fresh air and brings uplifting thoughts into daily work.  


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