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Customer testimonials

"In her" Yoga Philosophy "course, Martine Burgy took me on an exciting journey into the inner being of the human being. Step by step she understood how to bring me millennia-old truths closer to me. Thank you, Martine, for this truly enlightening course. ”Lucia


"The coaching helped me a lot to organize my spiritual knowledge, a patchwork of different directions. I also learned a lot of new things that can be used immediately in everyday life, for me personally and in cooperation, privately and professionally. Always gladly . "

UW Germany


"A successful managing director needs a good sparring partner who supports with knowledge, understanding and equanimity to keep the direction. In Martine Burgy I was able to find this strategic partner in important decision-making phases." Jacqueline Zesiger, (old) govAccess GmbH


“After around 11 years of work in my ritual workshop (, I had a new look - logo, brochure, business card, writing paper, website. Through experience and the contact with my customers, other things had become important to me for my self-presentation as well as for the presentation of my work.
With trust and joy, in an open exchange and joint work, I changed both with Martine Burgy in a long mutual process and also redesigned the look in 2011 with the help of a graphic artist who brought her in. That was not only a satisfying process, it also "got it": To this day, I keep getting compliments from people who like this new gig - and who therefore come to me! "Ursa Krattiger




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