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Philosophy of Yoga and Meditation - A bridge leading to Clarity and Stillness

My professional and educational background lies in economics and law. However, my passion lies in the philosophy of Yoga - that is: reflection, enquiry into the Self and meditation. 

As such, I have been introducing people with an active and reflective mind-set into the philosophy of Yoga and meditation. 

Whilst the philosophy of Yoga clarifies the mind and leads it into a state of serenity and joy, meditation leads the mind into stillness.  

Clarity and stillness (of the mind ) in turn are the ingredients to develop appropriate and suitable strategies for the future of your company. However, they are also the ingredients that lead to contented and resilient employees.  

Please contact me for an appointment in order to find a customized solution for you and/or your company.  

The philosophy of Yoga and meditation is suitable for just about everybody:  Employees in leading positions as well as employees in specialized or general positions. 

Popular are individual lessons/coaching either on-site or via Skpye, as well as Workshops for the day up to approx. 12 people or lessons over the lunch-time. 

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