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General Terms

  • Subscriptions are to be paid prior to the beginning of the first class or lecture on to the following account:   

    Postfinance AG, z.G. clearview Martine Burgy, IBAN: CH58 0900 0000 6066 4554 1; BIC: POFIBEXXX. 

  • The subscription is valid for a half a year, beginning with the first class. 

  • From this subscription one class may be passed on to a third party as a gift. 

  • As a sign of appreciation, one free class is given for any successful brokering of a full subscription (of 10 classes).

  • Prices for companies, workshops and other specials are provided upon request or are advertised individually. .

  • Non-attendance for a prolonged period of time: A non-attendance for a longer period as of 4 weeks (illness, accident, further education, longer stay abroad) a prolongation of the subscription may be negotiated. This is to be discussed prior to the expiration of the subscription and lies solely within the discretion of  clearview Martine Burgy. There is no further claim or reimbursement. 

  • Cancellation/Postponement: Pre-scheduled dates are to be kept. The responsibility for everyday risks or hazards such as: traffic jam, general holdups, short-term illnesses, short-term cancellations (within 24 hours), etc. lie solely with the participant. As such, the scheduled class fee is charged. Short-term postponement of a class that is announced at least 48 hours prior to the class may be re-scheduled at the discretion of clearview Martine Burgy within the following two weeks. Single-booked classes (not subscription) are fix and will be charged fully also in the event of a cancellation/postponement.  

  • Cancellation/Postponement on the part of clearview Martine Burgy: In the event that clearview Martine Burgy should have to cancel or postpone a class, she will offer an alternative date and the validity of the current subscription will be prolonged respectively. Should class in general be postponed for a longer period of time (vacation, retreat, trip abroad) then the validity of the subscription will be automatically prolonged for the respective time. Further claims do not exist.  

  • Class location: In general class is held at Ringwaldstrasse 12a, CH-4410 Liestal. In the case where class is held at a location of the choice by the client additional travel costs as well as travel time of min. 1 hour (fee based on individual hourly fee) will be added.  In the case of individual class (ono-on-one class) there is the possibility of Skype.

  • Indivdual class and class of two are held whenever possible regularly and at pre-determined dates..

  • The general terms are subject to modifications. 

  • Insurance: Each participant is responsible for their own insurance. .

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