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2x online meditation - intro - Mon 19 - 20.30


Sept 20, 2021

Sept. 27, 2021


from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Cost: CHF 70


If you respond to the question about meditation with “Yes, I know, I should practice, but…” or simply mean: “Meditation? - That's not for me. My mind is too restless », this 2-part introduction to meditation is a good opportunity to both consolidate the practice and to gain an insight into the world of the mind from a yogaphilosophical point of view.

The aim is to establish a regular practice. No previous knowledge is required.  

For more information, see workshops .

Cost: CHF 70

Registration here.  or on mobile 079 226 46 41 (Martine Burgy).  

Half an hour - free introductory overview

Date by appointment 

To get an overview of what you can expect from a cooperation, I offer you a free one-time half hour introductory overview. In addition to an informal exchange, you will receive the following brief overview:

  • What is yoga / meditation according to the ancient scriptures? 

  • What are the benefits of yoga-philosophical reflection and meditation, especially for managers, partners, bank clerks, management consultants?

  • Why is reflection, self-exploration, and meditation  urgent and not just important?  

Special - 2 hour introduction to meditation and / or reflection / yoga philosophy  - CHF  150 .--

Date by appointment

You don't want to buy a whole subscription right away? - To learn  more about the benefits of yoga philosophy (reflection and  Self-exploration) and / or meditation make a one-time use of this two-hour special offer.  

The two hours are held in one session and deal with the following topics:

  1. What are the top reasons to practice yoga? - In this regard, we are dealing with a classic concept from yoga, which can be found everywhere in life.

  2. How do you meditate properly? - A brief introduction to the  Meditation provides information about this.  

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